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I wish you were here tonight with me to see the northern lights......

I wish you were here tonight with me

14 June 1987

♥Hi! I’m Laila.

♥I like shoes with big fat laces and steel-toed boots.

♥And SUSHI. Really any international cuisine.

♥I REALLY like concerts. And music. Preferably together. At the same time. Yups.

♥I like piercings and tattoos and cute punky haircuts. Butttt I’m too lazy to have a punky haircut.

♥I’m a soon-to-be-senior at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD and the editor-in-chief of our illustrious student newspaper.

♥But I’d rather be listening to music.

♥And interviewing bands.

♥I’ve interviewed lots of bands, and used to be pretty awkward about it because I was super intimidated. I probably still am. But I’m getting better!

♥I’m interning at Alternative Press magazine, AKA the Bible of my favorite bands, this summer.

♥I like alternative and metal and synth-rock/pop and horror punk. I tend to prefer bands that have girl singers, but I do have a few favorites that have guys (see:Jim Morrison/The Rasmus icons =p)

♥But NOT riot grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll music. I hate that crap for the most part. (I do like a song now and then, though. But not every song a riot grrl band has, that’s never happened).

♥My parents live in Toledo, but I don’t have a home. I’ve lived all over the world and nowhere seems like home or permanent because of it.

♥I think my friends are the bestest. I need to be more appreciative.

♥I have two beautiful godsons =).

♥Annnnd I'm not straight. But I'm not sure what to label myself at this point in my life.

♥Still want to talk to me? More power to you.IM me if you want to know more. But please don't be creepy about it. I don't like that. bitterxandxtorn on aim and bitter_and_torn on yahoo. I'm a pretty bad IMer though. FYI.
A lot of my icons I found randomly on the internet so I don't know who the credit goes to. If the icon is yours, please tell me and i'll credit you right away =)

Otep is perfectly flawed love.



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