Laila (bittersweetdoom) wrote,

I've missed you, LJ.
I've been feeling shitty for about a week straight for various reasons.
I don't like it.
No, I don't.
Anyways. I'm pretty much over that. Music is still keeping me sane. It was Alec's birthday last night. Alec, Michaela, Becks and Alec's roommate Rachel came over and shroomed on out lol. I got Reeghan to come over and we went to One World Cafe. It was nice seeing her, nice to talk to someone. She works at Joann Fabrics now. I'll have to stalk her. I eventually want to paint something. Don't ask. I have effort.
I had a kind of pre-interview screening with Teach For America. They contacted me. I'm considering it, actually. Loan defferment? Hell yes.
My brother is hopefully coming to visit friday. I was just going to see him the weekend of the 17th when I go back to Toledo, but he might not do that now cause of financial issues. So I told him to megabus it here next weekend. Hopefully he can get Friday off and come. If not, I'm going to go out and buy Manda's bday present so I can give it to her early, since Thanksgiving will be after her bday.
I think I'm going to do a friends cut. I've been so horrible with keeping up with my friends page that I think I'm just going to keep close friends and/or people I know IRL. Please don't be offended if I cut you; it's honestly nothing personal, I just don't think it's fair to not read everyone's entries. Anyways. I should actually do my job. Peace, mo fo's.

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