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so i'm uploading this directly from flock! it's like deepest sender on firefox but BUILT IN! I know, right? i can drag and drop anything from my computer into anything online that lets you and it does all the html for me! it also has a toolbar thats my photobucket account so i can drag and drop from there too! this is freaking awesome. the only thing it doesn't have is the lj username tag tool button that lj has when you do entries, but that's gotta be kinda hard unless livejournal runs it. it doesn't matter though, i can use this for quick updates like i did when i had deepest sender and if i need more complex entries with lj usernames, ill just go to the site.

but seriously, flock is awesome. everyone should check it out. it has a really great interface too.

and omg. it gives me the option to "replace an already existing post" when i hit the publish button! ahhhh. ok im done now.

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